Facilitated Workshop
Levels 1 & 2 + Tailored Instruction
Jennifer Bleiker will coach you through the material and help you immediately start developing opponents' Informed Consent.
Watch a 10-min Intro

  • "Thank you for the insightful training. Its been a good team building exercise as well."

    - Laurie Warner Herson, Principal/Owner, Phénix Environmental Planning

  • "Take it! Even if there is no immediate emergency you’re trying to resolve- it could help prepare for if/when those high profile projects and big issues arise, but can and should be applied to many scales of projects."

    - Monica Sather, Senior Planner, City of Springfield, OR

  • "I'm really impressed by the research, volume and depth you've put into the techniques and how to use them!"

    - Jerry Brown, Principal & CEO, Waterology Consulting

  • "It has been almost 30 years since my SDIC / CPO training.  Still the best stuff I have ever learned."

    - Peter Holton, Planning Instructor, Selkirk College

  • "We just keep growing because you have a system that works."

    - Lynda Rife, Founder & President, Rifeline Consulting, Austin, TX

  • "Thank you once again for training and the insight you have provided. It was beneficial and allows for one to think things in a different light, the self-paced training will only add to that."

    - Danny Mauricio, Senior Engineer, Stanislaus County, CA

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